Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ultimate Guide for Purchasing Replica Watches:

When it comes to the replica industry, whether it be replica watches, handbags, shoes, or jewelry, numerous people have been misinformed and just plain deceived by scam websites and so-called "review" sites. There are ubiquitous online replica watch stores and one must accordingly be very vigilant when looking to purchase his or her perfect replica watch

There are primarily three main categories of replica watches

1.    Chinese-Manufactured Replicas — Chinese replicas may seem to be impressive, but they are produced with poor quality materials such as alloys that discolor, scratch and warp considerably easily with wear. Made from cheap components and materials, the quality is often not up to par and causes regular problems for the customer.
2.    Japanese-Manufactured Replicas — Japanese watch replicas are made with superior materials such as stainless steel or plated gold with Automatic 21 jewels or quartz movement. They are meticulously assembled and produced, resulting in fewer defects compared to their Chinese counterparts.
3.    Swiss-Manufactured Replicas — Swiss-grade replica watches are made from precious and semi-precious materials like gold and diamonds. They are generally a faithful match in material, function and mechanism to the original timepiece and many watchmakers and dealers would find it difficult to notice any discrepancy between the two.

What follows is what I regard as the top 5 most prevalent and deceitful lies and misconceptions about replica watches, as well as the industry of producing and selling them.
  • Lie #1:Replica watches are classed based on their quality, with C being the lowest class and AAA being the highest.”
-- Who determines what a C-grade watch is, or what an A-grade watch is? An "International Replica Watch Commission"? Absolute nonsense intended for nothing more than to acquire more of your hard-earned money.
  • Lie #2: “The finest replicas are almost identical to the genuine article and will trick even an authorized dealer or watchmaker.”
-- While some replicas may bear similarities to the bona fide product, they all are flawed to an extent and very often inconsistent in quality. Do you really think it is possible to spend a few hundred dollars on Rolex replica watches that are 99% identical to authentic Rolex watches ten times that price? Common salespeople might be fooled easily, but qualified dealers, upon close inspection, will more often than not know that it is an imitation.
  • Lie #3:Purchasing a replica watch carries many risks unless you purchase from sellers on "Replica Watch Review" type of websites.”
-- This is perhaps one of the most atrocious and deceptive lies. What many people aren’t aware of or realize is that these self-professed “review sites” are managed and run by the very people who also operate the websites they recommend to others. The people who run these review websites are cunning and devious and it is easy to succumb to their deception.
  • Lie #4: “You can tell you will get a good watch after a thorough assessment of the website.”
-- If you assume everything on the Internet is factual, you justify being swindled. Scam sites will lie about many things, from the quality of their goods to their guarantee that they will satisfy every customer. Many post pictures of genuine watches but send you fakes.
  • Lie #5: “Selecting a good seller will always result in obtaining a high-quality watch, one you won't have any problems or issues with.”
-- Quality control for replica watches is questionable at best and non-existent at worst. One shipment of watches may be satisfactory while the next may be shoddy. Even if you happen to get a substandard watch, however, a good dealer will desire to maintain and protect his reputation and will repair or replica the item in question.

Below are several steps to follow when buying a replica watch:
1.    Ascertain your target function and price. Determine for what purpose or occasion you want this watch. Browse through pertinent watch categories to get a wide-ranging impression of this. Then determine your budget for the watch. Because the price of watches (even replica ones) varies significantly, you have a much better idea of selecting the right watch with a clear-cut budget.
2.    Do your research. This is important for any sort of online purchase, especially regarding replica watches. Visit other websites and look at various products, including the price difference. Verify the credibility of the website you intend to buy from. Research saves you time and energy, and ultimately, money.
3.    Shortlist several watches. Compare them in terms of function, price, and quality. Choose the watch that has the most functions you are looking for, the best price within your target price and the highest quality.
4.    Buy through reliable websites and authentic merchants. Does the website look professional and trustworthy? Important information including shipping policy, return policy, guarantee, contact information, site info, and FAQ should all be notably featured and easily accessible. Buy from stores that have good photos and descriptions of the products they are selling. 

Cheap watches may cost less, but won’t last as long!

Replica watches are timepieces to be had at a fraction of the cost, and well…often at a fraction of the quality and functionality. However, you get what you pay for. Even so, replica product manufacturers make many endeavors to produce the finest products, from the quality of accessories to the artistry.